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The GRE preparation program at A Plus Tutoring will help college seniors prepare for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

Here’s how the program helps boost scores:

  • The course teaches efficient use of time and familiarization with the multiple choice test format.​

  • Students learn about the GRE test structure and depth of material.

  • GRE preparation books are used to review and teach material that is likely to be on the exam. 

  • Practice tests are given, in timed and focused environments, to build confidence and efficiency.

  • Students receive tips for taking the exam. For example, they learn how to set a pace and manage their time.


After the practice tests, our instructor takes time to individually review a student's progress and identify areas that need additional studying or help. Time is spent on all areas that need improvement or refining.

Based in Melrose, Mass., just north of Boston, A Plus Tutoring serves students and adults in the surrounding communities, including Saugus, Malden, Medford, Winchester, Stoneham, Reading, Wakefield and Lynnfield. We can also make arrangements to provide services in other communities.

For further information about the GRE prep program, call 781-439-4228 or

e-mail A Plus Tutoring at

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